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25 May 2018

Blockchain Conference Astana Moderators

Only a few weeks are left before the worldwide Blockchain Conference in Kazakhstan. On June 14, 2018, Blockchain Conference Astana will bring together experts from all over the world to discuss ways of the republic development in the context of the Blockchain implementation in all spheres of the country’s economic and social life.

The Conference program will have the following five key streams:

  • Blockchain capabilities in the financial world
  • E-Gov: principles of transparent government development through technology application
  • Legislative regulation of cryptocurrencies and Blockchain throughout the globe and in Kazakhstan
  • Trading
  • Economy tokenization and traps and pitfalls of the ICO

The Conference organizers are pleased to announce the event moderators, who will accompany all the reports and set the right pace for the discussions.

The first section Blockchain Technology for Kazakhstan: Spheres of Application and New Ways for Country Development as well as the discussion panel Features of Blockchain Market in Kazakhstan will be moderated by Mr. Mutanov Bekzhan, who is  the Coordinator in the Bureau of Continuing Professional Development and the Chief Manager of the Department of Financial Technologies at Astana International Financial Centre.

Legal Aspects of Blockchain Economy and Regulation & Legalization of Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies panels will be moderated by Kuna Bitcoin Agency founder & Blockchain Hub Kyiv founder Mr. Mikhail Chobanyan. Mikhail is an MBA graduate from Columbia University, London Business School and Hong Kong University, and a Bachelor of Economics (City University London). Mr. Chobanyan has over 7 years of experience in the telecommunications market. In 2014, he founded Kuna Bitcoin Agency, the first bitcoin agency in the CIS and Eastern Europe. He is one of the founders of Bitcoin Foundation Ukraine (BFU) and Blockchain Hub Kyiv. In September 2014, he opened the first Bitcoin embassy in the CIS. Mr. Mikhail Chobanyan is a leader of Bitcoin License Ukraine initiative group and an ideologist of Crypto Rus platform. In September 2016, he officially launched kuna.io., the first public Ukrainian exchange of crypto assets.

Blockchain for Business, Blockchain for Fintech and E-gov and Features of Trading 2018 will be moderated by CoinIndex.agency CEO & Co-founder Yulia Sporysh. Today, she is engaged in the development of derivative instruments (indices, futures) on the crypto market. She has a degree of the candidate of sociological sciences. Before blockchain and crypto currencies, she worked in the Fintech sphere.

Representatives of banking and financial sector, owners and founders of companies in the field of money transfers and exchange transactions, IT professionals, lawyers, blockchain start-ups, as well as representatives of government agencies at all levels will surely have an interest in this Conference.

The full Conference program is available on the website. Registration is now open! Please click on the link to register.


03 May 2017

What is the Fintech Future of Kazakhstan?

What potential does Kazakhstan have for the fintech development? What role will blockchain play in modernization of the country’s economy? What blockchain practices are the most relevant for Kazakhstan today? These and many other questions will be answered on June 14, 2017 by the key speakers of Blockchain Conference Astana.

As is known, Kazakhstan has headed for accelerated technological modernization of its economy having identified online trading, mobile banking and digital services to be its priority sectors for development.

Blockchain Conference Astana has every chance to become one of the most effective platforms of the country for the exchange of information and experience in implementing the best solutions in the global world of blockchain.

The Conference program will consist of 3 main panels:

  • Advanced blockchain solutions for financial industry
  • Prospects of blockchain for e-government
  • Blockchain innovations for energy environment

The Conference organizers plan to pay special attention to the sphere of fintech.

Alexander Vasylchenko, who in 2016 together with an EU bank founded Sofitto, a fintech start-up merging Blockchain technology into conventional banking card products, will speak about the use of Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) on existing Banking infrastructure and in a fully regulated environment. Today, Sofitto’s banking cards with integrated store of value enable hyper secure data management with zero knowledge about Data and no transaction costs. The transactions history is stored in Blockchain providing unprecedented automation and scalability. Sofitto payment scheme introduces DLT advantages on an existing banking infrastructure and in a fully regulated environment. Sofitto is introducing an alternative Domestic and International scheme secured by Blockchain in several EU countries.

BlockEx CEO Adam Leonard will introduce the conference participants to the platform operation for the exchange of BlockEx digital assets as well as principles of using the blockchain technology to build more transparent and accessible capital markets. Having 20 years of experience in creating and developing Payments, Ad-Tech and Fintech solutions, Adam was in charge of creation of several award-winning platforms in Ad-Tech and Gaming industries. Since 2011, upon getting involved in crypto currencies, Adam has been focusing exclusively on the sphere of Fintech.

In the near future, the full program of the Conference will be announced. In order to keep abreast of all the news of BConference Astana, please sign up for newsletters and stay tuned on the website bconference.kz.


28 Apr 2017

MOST Business Incubator has become an Official Partner of Blockchain Conference Astana

The official partner of Blockchain Conference Astana to be held on June 14 – 15, 2017 in the capital of Kazakhstan will be the Kazakh business incubator MOST. The goal of cooperation between these two teams lies in joining efforts to allow building an effective dialogue between the conference attendees in order to share knowledge and experience in using blockchain in the FinTech, e-gov and energy sectors.

A huge potential of the Republic of Kazakhstan for the development of the FinTech sphere indicates that Blockchain Conference Astana has every chance to become an effective tool for interaction of experts and implementation of state programs on modernization of the Kazakhstan economy.

One of the conference panels will be moderated by MOST Business Incubator co-founder and head Pavel Koktyshev. Pavel is a graduate of the Suleyman Demirel University, a director of the Institute for Development and Economic Affairs and a representative of the Global Entrepreneurship Network in Kazakhstan, which is a part of the Global Shapers community of the World Economic Forum. Pavel is also a presenter on the Kazakh TV channel and a blogger.  He regularly speaks at and moderates prestigious conferences in Kazakhstan and abroad (WEF Annual meeting, Davos, Switzerland, 2014, WEF Special Meeting on Unlocking Resources for Regional Development, Istanbul, Turkey, 2014, World Business Angel Forum, Istanbul, Turkey 2016, etc.). Pavel is a consultant and manager of international and national projects in the field of entrepreneurship development.

BConference Astana attendees will be able to communicate with Pavel Koktyshev during the event. To participate in the conference, please register on the website.

In order to keep abreast of all the news of BConference Astana, please sign up for our newsletters and stay tuned on the website bconference.kz.