Leonid Foyu-Khatskevich (UA)

business analyst in 482.Solutions and community manager in QUOINE

482.solutions – provides services for research and development (R&D) in the field of blockchain technologies and projects with crypto economy.

482.Solutions main specialization:
● Crypto economy platforms
● Distributed ledger technologies (DLT)
● Blockchain-based solutions
● Decentralized applications (DApp)
● Smart-contracts
● Cryptocurrency wallets
● R&D in crypto economy infrastructure
QUOINE – Is a leading fintech company that provides trading, exchange, and next generation
financial services powered by blockchain technology.
We are a FinTech company at heart, focused on making financial services accessible to all.
We are now building QUOINE LIQUID, a global liquidity platform backed by our QASH token.
I am BA in 482.Solutions and CM in QUOINE. Almost 2 years in blockchain industry. Main project I am involving right now is an implementation of blockchain technology into supply chain using IoT sensors data.

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