25 Apr 2018

Practical Cases at Blockchain Conference Astana: Blockchain in Procurement Process, Tax Accounting and Education

Blockchain Conference Astana will take place on June 14, 2018. This event will be devoted to the Blockchain capabilities in the financial world, e-gov, and education, the legislative regulation of crypto currencies, the implementation of Blockchain technology, the ICO arrangement and implementation.

The Conference for the second year in a row will feature the best world practical cases that deal with the implementation of Blockchain technology. The Managing Director & Member of the Board of AIFC Yernurn Rysmagambetov will speak about the need for the implementation of educational programs in the field of finance in general and Blockchain in particular.

Mr. Yernurn previously headed the Bureau of Continuous Professional Development at AIFC. Since March 2016, he has been holding the position of an adviser to the AIFC Manager and a Deputy Chairman of the Board of the National Investment Corporation of the National Bank. His major areas of specialization include finance and investment, education and coaching, strategies and microeconomics, start-ups and management.

Blockchain Conference Astana establishes the largest platform for discussing the role of Blockchain technology in the economy modernization. In the view of this mission, the Conference organizers make the event program to be extremely useful for state agencies, banking & financial sector, energy sector, start-ups and crypto traders.

The Management Consulting Senior Consultant at KPMG in Kazakhstan and Central Asia Zarina Kazhmaganbetova will speak about the Blockchain technology in procurement processes on the example of the implemented project, the project development through the expansion of sets of services for STBs, as well as the use of Blockchain in the tax accounting (VAT).

Zarina has more than 10 years of experience in the IT sector. In 2013, she received a Master of Science degree at Imperial College London. Today, she is a student of PhD Computer Science at the Eurasian National University named after L.N.Gumilev. Her experience covers projects for the development of architecture, technical writing (choice of systems), IT infrastructure audit, system inspection for compliance with information security requirements. Her industry experience involves the public sector, telecommunications, banking, transport and logistics.

In total, over 25 experts from all over the world will speak at the Conference 2018. Some of them are already known as of today. The Blockchain Conference Astana program features the Managing Director & Member of the Board of AIFC Yernur Rysmagambetov, the Managing Director of AIFC Kairat Kaliev, the Manager of AIFC Kairat Kelimbetov, the Co-Founder & CEO of Creditor Platform Viktor Ignatyuk, the Founder & CEO of Cashaa Kumar Guarov, the Member of the Emercoin team Mikhail Voevodsky, the IBM, IT Architect & Technical Manager Mikhail Korotko, the independent crypto trader Kir Kelevra, the Business Development Director at Ambisafe Farrukh Shukurov,  the President of the BlockhainKZ Association of Blockchain Developers and Users Batyrbek Umarov. In the near future, the organizers will announce the complete list of the event speakers.

The extended program and schedule of the event will be available in the near future. Follow the Conference announcements on the website https://bconference.kz.

To participate in the Conference, please register on the website.

20 Apr 2018

Special Guest Speakers from Astana International Financial Center to Appear at Blockchain Conference Astana

Astana International Financial Center (AIFC) delegates its honorary speakers to participate in Blockchain Conference Astana, which will be held on June 14, 2018 in the Marriott Hotel Astana. For the second year in a row, Blockchain Conference Astana becomes an effective platform for experts’ interaction and realization of state programs aimed at Kazakhstan’s economy modernization.

AIFC is a unique financial center located in the CIS territory. It is a kind of hub for Central Asia, the Caucasus, EAEU, the Middle East, West China, Mongolia and Europe. Its key activities include the capital market development, asset management, HNWI’s wealth management, Islamic finance, and new financial technologies. For the first time ever in the post-Soviet space, the Center has introduced a special jurisdiction with its own right, based on the principles of English commercial law. A similar situation occurs in the world’s leading financial centers in London, New York, Hong Kong, Singapore, and Dubai.

The Blockchain Conference Astana opening will feature a welcoming speech delivered by the Manager of AIFC (since 2015) Kairat Kelimbetov. Previously, he held the following positions: the Chairman of the National Bank of the Republic of Kazakhstan (2013-2015), the Deputy Prime Minister of the Republic of Kazakhstan (2012-2013), the Minister of Economic Development and Trade of the Republic of Kazakhstan (2011-2012), the Chairman of the Board of the Samruk-Kazyna National Welfare Fund (2008-2011), the Head of the Administration of the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan (2008), the Chairman of the Board of the Kazyna Fund for Sustainable Development JSC (2006-2008), the Minister of Economy and Budget Planning of the Republic of Kazakhstan (2002-2006), the First Vice-Minister of Finance of the Republic of Kazakhstan (2001-2002).

In addition, the Managing Director of AIFC Kairat Kaliev will speak at the Conference. Mr. Kaliev has been working in the financial sector for over 13 years. Today, he is the Managing Director of IFAC and the head of Cross Coin. During his internship in the USA, he raised $ 5 million crypto currencies for a venture accelerator. He is one of the few experts in Kazakhstan in the field of ICO.

The Conference program will have the following five key streams:

– Blockchain capabilities in the financial world: creating secure payment solutions

– E-Gov: principles of transparent government development through technology application

– Blockchain effectiveness of the energy independence

– Legislative regulation of cryptocurrency and Blockchain throughout the globe and in Kazakhstan

– ICO arrangement and implementation

In the near future, the extended program and event schedule will be available. Follow the announcements of the Conference on the website https://bconference.kz

To participate in the Conference, please register on the website.


11 Apr 2018

Blockchain Conference Astana to Present ICO Projects for the First Time Ever in Kazakhstan

For the second year in a row, Astana has become a place of concentration of Blockchain experts from all over the globe. On June 14, 2018, the capital of Kazakhstan will host the second annual Blockchain Conference Astana. Over 25 international experts will share their experience of using and implementing technology in the government, financial and energy environment, and discuss the issues of legislative regulation, organization and implementation of ICO.

For the first time ever, the Blockchain Conference in Kazakhstan will feature the ICO Pitch Competition, where projects will have a unique opportunity to be present to the event audience and the jury & investors.

Why is it beneficial to participate?

– Blockchain Conference Astana is the first conference in Kazakhstan that features the presentation of ICO projects.

– The Conference offers an opportunity to have a direct contact with investors and the best experts of the Blockchain industry.

– The Conference participants include investors, representatives of the largest Ukrainian, Russian and Kazakh financial companies, government officials, representatives of FinTech clusters and crypto activists.

– In addition to speaking in the main stream of the Conference, there is an opportunity to participate in the demo area on a free basis.

Why is Kazakhstan so unique for start-ups?

– Kazakhstan has a huge potential for the development of the financial industry as the country is carrying out the policy of technological modernization of the economy.

– E-Gov, online trading, mobile banking and digital services are among priorities for the development of Kazakhstan.

– Kazakhstan needs skilled developers and efficient projects. The country offers about 10 public grant schemes for financial experts.

– Kazakhstan is very interested in the ecosystem development. In January 2018, Astana International Financial Center and Waves Blockchain Platform signed a memorandum on cooperation and strategic partnership. It stipulates the creation of an advanced ecosystem based on Waves Blockchain Platform to develop modern financial technologies in Kazakhstan.

Do not miss your chance to speak at the most popular conference to be held in the most promising country for Blockchain and crypto projects, and to present your project to investors from all over the country as well as to get an assessment from the top brains of the Blockchain industry!

To participate, please send your application to: [email protected].

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06 Apr 2018

Well-Known Financial Industry Faces to Speak at Blockchain Conference Astana

Astana will host the second annual summit Blockchain Conference Astana on June 14, 2018. This year conference will feature over 25 world experts famous for their projects in the world of Blockchain and cryptocurrency.

The Conference program will have the following five key streams:

– Blockchain technology for Kazakhstan: scope of application and new ways of the country’s development

– E-Gov: principles of transparent government development through technology application

– Blockchain for business and FinTech solutions

– Legislative regulation of cryptocurrency and Blockchain throughout the globe and in Kazakhstan

– ICO and investment climate to overtake crypto assets


Cashaa (USA) Founder & CEO Kumar Guarov will speak during the stream dedicated to the financial sector. In his speech, Mr. Gaurav will talk about the Next-Generation Banking Platform.

Kumar is a serial entrepreneur who is the Founder & CEO of Cashaa Holdings and Chairman of Auxesis Group. He is among the hundred most influential people in the world in blockchain technology and is one of the nominees of World’s Top 50 Innovators from the Industries of the Future. Kumar was awarded extraordinary status (O1) by the United States government for his accomplishments in blockchain technology. Before he moved into the world of financial technology, he built computer systems for Ferrari. Kumar is a popular international speaker on emerging technologies and was invited at IIT, TieCON, TechCrunch, Govt Parliament and many private and government conferences across the globe.

Emercoin team member and CompAero founder Mikhail Voevodsky will speak about the economic benefits of projects based on Blockchain.

Michael is engaged in consulting on the issues of Emercoin application and its capabilities. Earlier, he founded CompAero, a company developing web services and mobile applications, as well as projects based on blockchain technologies. Within the framework of Imaguru Blockchain School in Minsk, he regularly holds seminars to train students.

Creditor.AI co-founder Viktor Ignatyuk will give a speech on Using Blockchain Technology to Work with Personal Data. In particular, the speaker will talk about how the technology can help enterprises adapt to GDPR standards, how to work with clients’ sensitive data and how to prevent the leakage of important data in case of hacker attack.

Viktor has been working in the financial sector since 2015. At the age of 19, he founded the largest Ukrainian peer-2-peer platform, which was successfully sold. Later he worked on the development of decentralized cloud solutions, a financial platform for the provision of online loans and digital support services for brands’ marketing campaigns. In 2017, Viktor Ignatyuk co-founded Creditor.ai, an application that allows you to optimize your marketing budgets with the help of a direct contract entered by and between the customer and the provider.

In the near future, a full conference program will be available. To keep abreast of all news of BConference Astana, please subscribe to our newsletters and follow the updates on the website bconference.kz.

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21 Mar 2018

IBM to Share its World Blockchain Experience at Blockchain Conference Astana

June 14, 2018, the World Blockchain Summit Blockchain Conference Astana will feature the representatives of top companies in the field of Blockchain technology development and implementation in the business industry. With each passing day, we hear news about world banks, financial institutions and government organizations announcing projects and solutions based on Blockchain. This June, IBM representative Mikhail Korotko within the framework of Blockchain Conference Astana will talk about his unique experience of using business solutions based on this technology.

First results and nearest future plans of IBM as a global leader in the field of professional IT solutions for business is one of the focal points of the report to be delivered by Mikhail at Marriott within the framework of Blockchain Conference Astana on June 14, 2018.

Mikhail Korotko is a highly qualified and certified IT architect having over 14 years of experience in the IT sphere. He has been granted over 35 international certificates in the field of IT (Open CA – a master certified IT architect, certified architect of IBM, CCEE, CCAA, CCA, MCSE, MCITP, MCSA, VCP) and two international awards (VMware vExpert). Mikhail has an extensive expertise in planning, managing, designing and implementing medium and large IT projects (Cloud Computing, IT Infrastructure, Big Data, industry solutions, etc.) including pre-sale / sales, architecture development and integration, system integration and services. Mikhail has a great experience of work in the team as a technical manager with distributed international and multicultural teams.

BConference Astana claims to become one of the most significant events in Kazakhstan. The conference will be devoted to the blockchain technology capabilities for the financial environment, solutions for banks, payment systems, money transfers, exchange operations, etc., creation of blockchain-based public services, data tracking and analysis using the blockchain.

Participation in the conference is open to everyone interested. To attend the conference, please register on the website.

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16 Mar 2018

Blockchain Conference Astana Announces the First Two Conference Speakers

June 14, 2018, the capital of Kazakhstan will host Blockchain Conference Astana, the major Blockchain conference of Central Asia. The international event will feature over 25 experts of worldwide reputation in the sphere of blockchain and crypto industry. The organizers have started a marathon of topics and speakers yet today. Please meet the first speakers:

  1. Farrukh Shukurov, Ambisafe

Ambisafe is a leading American company engaged in the issuance of infrastructure blockchain-based solutions. Ambisafe has been recognized as the most innovative company in its field. The most advanced companies around the globe use its products and services. At Ambisafe, Farrukh holds a position as Chief Business Development Officer. He develops and implements blockchain-based solutions around the world. The speaker has an extensive experience of working with projects in the field of crypto assets creation and management.

  1. Kir Kelevra, crypto trader

Kir Kelevra is one of the most influential representatives of the Ukrainian crypto community, an experienced crypto trader, and a cryptocurrency pricing expert. Kir regularly makes reports at major international events dedicated to the blockchain and cryptocurrencies, advises projects at the post ICO stage on stock exchange trading and listing.

Hurry up to buy a ticket to Blockchain Conference Astana 2018 at the early bird registration price of 80$! Starting from May 19, the ticket price will be 150$.

The event page on Facebook: http://bit.ly/2CbQplj.

Telegram channel: https://t.me/bconference_astana.


07 Mar 2018

Astana Marriott to Welcome Attendees of Blockchain Conference Astana 2018

June 14, 2018, the capital of Kazakhstan will host the second annual conference Blockchain Conference Astana, which is the most significant event for the crypto community of Central Asia.

In 2017, the event was the first of its kind in the country in the field of blockchain and cryptocurrency. It brought together a record number of crypto enthusiasts – over 250 attendees! Performances by 20 leading industry representatives from Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Russia, Belgium, Great Britain and Switzerland were attended by investors, representatives of the banking and financial spheres, as well as delegates from government agencies. They accounted for 60% of the entire audience of Blockchain Conference Astana 2017.

The conference organizer AroundB selects speakers with great care in order to provide the attendees with access to extremely useful information and to cover the most topical issues being of concern to the audience. This year’s event program will feature the leaders of blockchain and cryptocurrency spheres from around the world. They will share practical knowledge about the blockchain technology application through the examples of real cases and share their views on the right way to shape the digital economy of Kazakhstan.

Based on the knowledge and understanding of its audience, Blockchain Conference Astana will pay special attention to the level of convenience and comfort for each attendee of the event. This year, the conference guests will be welcomed by the elegant Astana Marriott Hotel located in the very centre of the capital.

AroundB prepares high quality reports and panel discussions for the Blockchain Conference Astana attendees, as well as the opportunity for their informal communication during coffee breaks and dinner with speakers in an atmosphere of cosy luxury.

Before May 19, you may buy a ticket to Blockchain Conference Astana 2018 at the early bird registration price. The detailed information on the cost of participation is available on the event website. Please subscribe to our newsletter to keep abreast of the most relevant news in the industry. Let’s Blockchain this world together!

The event website:  https://bconference.kz.

The event page on Facebook: http://bit.ly/2CbQplj.

The organizer contact details:  +442 03 239 96 70, [email protected]

27 Feb 2018


In 2017, the total capitalization of crypto assets reached stratospheric level: Bitcoin at a price of $ 20,000, creation of new tokens and innovative projects based on Blockchain, DLT and ICO as a unique crowd funding phenomenon that permeated throughout the world.

It is no mere chance that the 21st century has been recognized as the cryptocurrency era. Many experts believe that the future of the global financial system is behind the crypto currencies and Blockchain. The essential task of today is to build and learn how to manage this system for the benefit of us and our future.

The previous year has demonstrated that the industry itself is developing rapidly and therefore the world market is not able to regulate it and respond quickly to its operation. Only a few countries have dared to establish the qualitative legal framework in order not to oppose but to cooperate with a new form of economy.

Kazakhstan has also been involved in the discussion of issues related to regulation of digital currencies and introduction of Blockchain. According to experts, the Republic of Kazakhstan has every chance of becoming one of the most advanced countries in the field of Blockchain. The country has everything to succeed: financial resources, the state initiative and the desire to create its own crypto oasis.

The capital of Kazakhstan will host for the second time the major Blockchain conference of Central Asia Blockchain Conference Astana on June 14, 2018. This international event will bring together leaders of the blockchain and crypto industries from all over the globe to shape the way in which the digital economy of Kazakhstan may be developed.

What may the guests of Blockchain Conference Astana 2018 expect?

  • Reports by leading speakers from around the world
  • Discussion panels covering the most relevant topics
  • Expo area
  • Coffee breaks and informal communication
  • Dinner with the conference speakers and guests

Who will participate?

Representatives of the banking and financial sectors, representatives of the energy, oil & gas, and save-energy spheres, founders of FinTech companies, as well as delegates of government institutions, will be among the participants of BConference Astana. The event organizing company AroundB, whose portfolio includes over 30 FinTech events around the globe, carefully approaches the selection of speakers and preparation of the program. Very soon the first speakers of this year’s conference will become known, so follow the event updates.

What will be discussed?

Today, all are concerned about the interaction of the cryptocurrency industry with banks, the use of Blockchain in various fields, and, of course, the introduction of Blockchain and cryptocurrency regulation at the state level. All this and much more, including how Kazakhstan will be one step ahead and occupy a niche on the world crypto stage, will be discussed at the second annual Blockchain Conference Astana to be held in Astana on June 14, 2018.

The conference topics are as follows:

  • Blockchain technology for the Republic of Kazakhstan: spheres of application and new ways of the country development
  • Cryptocurrency and tokens
  • ICO: What will happen to a multi-billion dollar structure in 2018?
  • Smart contracts: Will they change the established standards?
  • Crypto economy: How will it influence the world in the near future?
  • Regulation and legal framework for the crypto assets in Kazakhstan

Results of Blockchain Conference Astana 2017

In 2017, Kazakhstan demonstrated its interest in the technology and crypto currencies. Last year, the conference featured over 20 speakers, including representatives from Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Russia, Belgium, the United Kingdom and Switzerland. Over 250 participants attended the event to discuss the application of Blockchain in the financial world, in the energy sector, as well as the role of the technology for e-gov and e-voting. The first crypto event in the country was attended by a record number of people. The best real-cases were presented by such leading world companies as Microsoft, IBM, Deloitte, and KPMG.

Blockchain Conference Astana traditionally promises to be the most long-awaited FinTech event in Kazakhstan. Keep up to date with all the news from BConference Astana and follow the news on the event website.

The detailed program of the event will be available on the website of Blockchain Conference Astana in the nearest future. Please subscribe to our newsletter to keep abreast of the most relevant news in the industry. Let’s Blockchain this world together!

The event website: https://bconference.kz/ru.
The event page on Facebook: http://bit.ly/2CbQplj.
Contact details of the organizers: +442 03 239 96 70, [email protected]

04 Jul 2017

Registration for Blockchain Conference Abu Dhabi 2017 is opened!

We have some great news for Blockchain enthusiasts from around the world! Registration for the major Fintech event of the MENA region has been already opened. The Blockchain Conference will take place in Abu Dhabi on December 7, 2017. For two consecutive years now, we have been bringing together industry leaders from around the world in order you to be the first to learn how the world will change thanks to Blockchain in the very near future.

We are going to cover the most relevant Blockchain topics aimed at expanding dialogues between governments, international corporations, innovative companies, investors and breakthrough start-ups.

Topics to be discussed at the conference

– New world economy to be created by Blockchain

– Technology changing the financial system: payments, international transfers

– Smart contracts

– Private and public Blockchain

– Blockchain identification

– ICO and Tokenization

– Use of Blockchain in medicine, food industry, logistics, etc.

– Blockchain for Solar

– Forecasts and development prospects for Middle East Region

The mission of BConference Abu Dhabi is to bring together Blockchain experts from across the world at one time in one place to search for and develop Blockchain solutions that will continue to change the world! At BConference Abu Dhabi, you will certainly find your new customers, partners, developers and investors.

We will announce the program of the conference and its speakers in the nearest time.

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To register for Blockchain Conference Abu Dhabi, please visit bconference.org

+442 03 239 96 70, [email protected]

26 May 2017

Bitcoin and Blockchain Economy Features to be disclosed at Blockchain Conference Astana

Kazakhstan, as is well known, has set a course for accelerated technological modernization of the economy. On June 14, 2017, the capital of Kazakhstan will hold Blockchain Conference, where speakers from around the world will inform about the blockchain technology potential for the economic development as well as present real cases of using this technology in the economies of developed countries.

What is Blockchain Conference Astana?

  • The largest blockchain event in Kazakhstan
  • 20 speakers from all over the world, 10 hours of unique knowledge and networking
  • Presentation of trend blockchain projects in the FinTeh, e-Gov and energy sectors
  • Practice of using blockchain from Microsoft, IBM, Deloitte, KPMG and others
  • Participation in the conference of representatives of state bodies of Kazakhstan, responsible for the development and implementation of digital and information technologies.

One of the conference sections will be devoted to the features of bitcoin and blockchain economy.

The head of the Innovation Activity Department at the National Research University Higher School of Economics (Russia), CEO at Cyber.Fund Marina Gurieva will share trends and prospects for the blockchain economy development in the public and private sectors. Marina studied for an MBA Degree in Singapore. She is an expert in the field of business development.

The founder of Kuna Bitcoin Agency and co-founder of Bitcoin Foundation Ukraine Mikhail Chobanyan will reveal at the conference features and prospects of the bitcoin cryptocurrency as well as key aspects of the blockchain technology. Mikhail got his EMBA from Columbia University, London Business School and Hong Kong University. He also has a Bachelor of Economics degree from the City, University of London. Mikhail has over 7 years of experience in the telecommunications market. In 2014, he founded Kuna Bitcoin Agency, the first Bitcoin Agency in the CIS and Eastern Europe. Mikhail is one of the founders of the public organization Bitcoin Foundation Ukraine (BFU). In September 2014, he opened the first in the CIS Bitcoin embassy. He is a leader of the initiative group Bitcoin License Ukraine. Mikhail is an ideologist of the Crypto Rus platform. In September 2016, he officially launched the first public Ukrainian stock exchange of crypto assets kuna.io.

The Conference program will involve a full conference day, discussion panels, an exhibition area and a gala dinner with the conference speakers and guests.

If you buy a ticket before June 1, 2017, the cost of participation will be USD 100 instead of ̶U̶S̶D̶ 2̶5̶0̶.  You may buy tickets at the promotional price on the conference website >>

There is a partner program for all those who wish to join the world Blockchain Summit, become a sponsor of the event or take part in the exhibition. Regarding sponsorship and partnership issues, please contact us at [email protected].