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19 Jun 2018

Major Central Asia Blockchain Event Defined New Ways for Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Development in Kazakhstan

The major Central Asia fintech event Blockchain Conference Astana took place on June 14, 2018. The Mariott Hotel Astana brought together 25 speakers from the UK, USA, Canada, Ukraine, Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan, as well as over 200 participants from various sectors of the economy and government to discuss the most interesting and popular topics of the blockchain industry and prospects for the development of this technology in Kazakhstan.

The Conference was held with the support of Astana International Financial Center, MOST Business Incubator, Kazakhstan Association of Blockchain and Cryptocurrency and Atameken National Chamber of Entrepreneurs.

The Conference was opened with an address by the AIFC Managing Director Mr. Kairat Kaliyev. He stated that financial technologies such as blockchain and crypto assets were key areas of focus of AIFC. Keeping with the theme, the president of the Kazakhstan Association of Blockchain and Cryptocurrency, Mr. Dastan Kozhabekov, told about the role to be played by blockchain in the development of the Kazakhstan economy in the future. The founder of the Blockchain KZ community, Mr. Batyrbek Umarov, noted that a large number of fraudsters existed in the cryptocurrency market and the market regulation would solve the problem. In turn, Mr. Vadim Adriyana representing Crypviser spoke about the advantages of creating a depository for the cryptocurrency market. The MOST Business Incubator director Mr. Alim Khamitov spoke about the prospects for the development of start-up projects in Kazakhstan. The first section of the Conference ended with a discussion of peculiarities of the blockchain market in Kazakhstan. The discussion was joint by Mr. Kairat Kaliev, the AIFC Managing Director, Mr. Alim Khamitov, the MOST Business Incubator Director, Mr. Erlan Dumanuly, the Crowdsale Network Founder & the Vice President of the Association of Digital Technologies and Crypto Industry in Kazakhstan, Mr. Alexander Bondar, the SBH Law Office Partner, Mr. Dastan Kozhabekov, the Executive Director of the Kazakhstan Association of Blockchain and Cryptocurrency, Mr. Yernur Rysmagambetov, the Managing Director & Member of the Board of AIFC and Mr. Batyrbek Umarov, the Blockchain KZ President.

The second section of the Conference was devoted to the regulation of cryptocurrencies and blockchain around the world. Mr. Mikhail Chobanyan, the founder of the Blockchain Association of Ukraine & KUNA Exchange told about the peculiarities of regulation in Ukraine. Alexander Bondar, the SBH Law Office partner, shared the experience of cryptocurrency regulation and legalization in the CIS in general and Belarus in particular, and Ms. Caroline Armitage, the Deloitte Legal lawyer, spoke about the UK practice. The discussion panel covering regulatory issues raised by Mr. Mikhail Chobanyan, the founder of Blockchain Association of Ukraine & KUNA Exchange, Mr. Alexander Bondar, the SBH Law Office Partner, Mr. Nursultan Utkelbayev, the Senior Lawyer at PwC, Ms. Caroline Armitage, the Deloitte Legal lawyer, and Ms. Ksenia Osipova, the Senior Consultant at the Tax and Legal Department, was the final chord of the second section.

After the break, Ms. Aida Meirman, the SDBS Director, continued the Conference speaking about ways to prepare businesses for introducing innovations. In turn, Mr. Mikhail Korotko, the IBM IT Architect and Technical Manager, focused on important points, mistakes and risks in the course of blockchain implementation. Ms. Zarina Kazhamaganetova, the KPMG Manager in Kazakhstan and Central Asia, shared the practical experience of implemented blockchain project in the sphere of purchases. Mr. Viktor Galasyuk, the Creditor Platform Co-founder & CEO, told about blockchain and personal data in the era of massive hacker attacks. Mr. Mikhail Voevodsky, the Emercoin team member, disclosed the possibilities of financial instruments available in the decentralized economy to reduce transaction costs. Mr. Eric Iglikov, the leading blockchain developer and blockchain expert at Aion Foundation, told about the protocols of the future. The independent crypto trader Mr. Kir Kelevra completed the third section speaking about the features of crypto trading in 2018.

The last section of Blockchain Conference Astana featured Mr. Roman Kravchenko, CEO & REMME CTO, and Mr. Leonid Foyu-Hatskevich, the Business Analyst at 482.Solutions and the Community Manager at QUOINE, who described capabilities of blockchain to manage the supply chain of values and peculiarities of choosing an optimal blockchain platform for ICO.

In addition, the last section involved an ICO pitch. The presentation was attended by the following five teams: eCoinomic, Matrix Gold, RAWG, and Seshaat. The best one was RAWG, according to the jury.

The Conference organizer AroundB thanks all participants, partners and sponsors for their interest and high-quality discussions. We express our thanks for the support to our sponsors and, to participants of the demo area and to official partners of the Conference Astana International Financial Center, MOST business incubator, Atameken National Chamber of Entrepreneurs of Kazakhstan and Kazakhstan Association of Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies.


11 Jun 2018

Major Blockchain Event of Central Asia to Take Place in Three Days

Dear friends, as soon as June 14, 2018 we will meet at the largest blockchain event of Kazakhstan Blockchain Conference Astana. Please prepare to enjoy this event featuring experts from all over the world, the most interesting and highly demanded topics of the Blockchain industry, discussions and prospects for the development of this technology in Kazakhstan. Speeches by over 25 blockchain experts, 10 hours of unique knowledge and networking are reserved for you.

The final version of the conference program is now available through the following link >>>!schedule

Blockchain Conference Astana venue:

2, Dostyk Street,  Marriott Hotel Astana, Balkhash Conference Hall

Time: 9:30 – 18:30.

The registration starts at 9:00.

If you have not had time to buy a ticket, it’s a high time to do it.

Please follow this link to buy tickets to Blockchain Conference Astana >>>

06 Jun 2018

Blockchain for Kazakhstan: Let’s Weigh the Chances of Success

Only one week is left before Blockchain Conference Astana, the main fintech event of Central Asia. On June 14, 2018, the Mariott Hotel Astana will bring together blockchain experts from the UK, the USA, Canada, Ukraine, Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan to present their innovative blockchain projects, discuss the most trending topics and develop ways to deliver technologies that will help Kazakhstan modernize its economy and gain the upper hand in the region.

The event program has already been finalized and is available on the website. The conference will feature a full conference day, discussion panels, ICO pitches and expo area.

Key conference directions include:

  • Blockchain technology for Kazakhstan: scope of application and new ways of the country’s development
  • Blockchain capabilities in the financial world – creating secure payment solutions
  • e-gov: principles of transparent government development through technology application
  • Legislative regulation of cryptocurrencies and blockchain throughout the globe and in Kazakhstan

We are glad to introduce our last but not least conference speakers. Mr. Dastan Kozhabekov, an executive director of the Kazakhstan Association of Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies, will speak during the first panel entitled Blockchain Technology for Kazakhstan. Mr. Kozhabekov has entrepreneurial experience taking the position of a manager in large private and national companies operating in the sphere of machine building, engineering and innovation management in the oil, gas and power industries. He has a higher technical education and a MBA degree from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT, Cambridge, USA).

Mr. Erik Iglikov, a leading blockchain developer & expert working for Aion Foundation, will speak about protocols of the future. Previously, he was involved in the development of several blockchain solutions for some of the largest companies in their industries. Today, Eric is an Aion Ecosystem Lead Developer. He is engaged in the development of tools for decentralized applications and the company’s partners. He also coordinates and advises large companies and Aion partners on the architecture and development of decentralized solutions based on smart contracts.

Mr. Vsevolod Cheremnykh will talk about ways of improvement of the efficiency of resource management using blockchain. Mr. Cheremnykh has over twelve years of managerial experience in various business areas, such as financial sector, oil and gas production, logistics, service business, system integration and advertising. He also does advisory work on personnel management, financial & administrative management and business systems development. Before taking the position of an operational director at Serviceplan International Agency, Vsevolod worked as a project manager for such companies as Exito Group and AEN Group. Being an expert in system integration, strategic & international management, and comprehensive project management, Mr. Vsevolod Cheremnyh was engaged in auditing and restructuring medium and large businesses, building complex business systems and business processes. He has successfully launched several his own projects. Today, Vsevolod is working on the project. has joint Blockchain Conference Astana as a Silver Sponsor. Key activities of this technology platform and information & analytical portal include a Russian-language media portal and an international technology platform for creating and scaling small and medium businesses.

Please register for Blockchain Conference Astana via this link: See you on June 14 at the Marriott Astana Hotel.

01 Jun 2018

Blockchain Conference Astana to Discuss Features of Cryptocurrency Legal Regulation in Kazakhstan and in the World

Issues of legal regulation of cryptocurrencies, ICO and tokenization, peculiarities of blockchain legislation throughout the world and developments of Kazakhstan in these spheres will be discussed on June 14 during the legal panel of Blockchain Conference Astana.

Deloitte Legal’s lawyer Ms. Caroline Armitage, Senior Manager in the Legal for Tech group at Deloitte CIS Mr. Alexander Tyulkanov and SBH Law Office (Belarus) partner Mr. Alexander Bondar will participate in the discussion of legal topics. The panel will be moderated by Kuna Bitcoin Agency & Blockchain Hub Kyiv founder Mr. Mikhail Chobanyan (Ukraine).

Mr. Caroline Armitage (the UK) has over 12 years of experience working as a lawyer in the UK and more recently in Kazakhstan. She advises on a wide range of corporate and commercial issues in Kazakhstan bringing a unique international perspective to each case. Ms. Armitage worked for many years on Competition Act investigations in the UK working first in the EU & Competition department at Simmons & Simmons in London and then at Ofgem, the gas and electricity regulator. At Ofgem she advised on a major anti-trust investigation against National Grid, which Ofgem successfully appealed up to the Court of Appeal.

Mr. Alexander Tyulkanov (Russia) is a Senior Manager in the Legal for Tech group at Deloitte CIS. He has over 13 years of experience as a corporate lawyer in multinationals and as an attorney in law firms with a focus on the legal support of high-profile projects for electric, power and transport engineering and telecommunications companies. He advises clients in the Digital Economy and Technology Sector on legal matters related to the use of technology, such as distributed ledgers (blockchain), smart contracts, the internet of things, virtual autonomous systems, robotics, and big data.

Mr. Alexander Bondar (Belarus) is a SBH Law Office Partner. Alexander has been working as a practicing lawyer for over 17 years. Alexander took an active part in M&A transactions, refinancing projects, fund raising, corporate restructuring and legal expertise (LDD) of companies operating in construction and development, retail, manufacturing and extracting, restaurant and hotel business as well as IT companies, banks and insurance companies. He has an extensive experience in the formation and coordination of a team of lawyers in the course of complex projects for foreign, international and Belarusian clients. Alexander’s portfolio includes implemented projects in the field of ICO and crypto consulting in Singapore, Europe, Canada, Israel, Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan.

Blockchain Hub Kyiv and KUNA Exchange founder Mr. Mikhail Chobanyan will tell about the current situation in Ukraine in the sphere of legal regulation and related bills that are being discussed in the country today.

Given the novelty of the market, the complexity of the direction and the lack of both professional staff and ready-made precedents in the world legal practice, the legal panel promises to be the hottest discussion panel of the Conference. Join us to identify together with the speakers and all participants the right way of Kazakhstan to the digital economy.

May we remind you that the registration for Blockchain Conference Astana is available via See you on June 14 at the marvellous Marriott Astana Hotel.

25 May 2018

Blockchain Conference Astana Moderators

Only a few weeks are left before the worldwide Blockchain Conference in Kazakhstan. On June 14, 2018, Blockchain Conference Astana will bring together experts from all over the world to discuss ways of the republic development in the context of the Blockchain implementation in all spheres of the country’s economic and social life.

The Conference program will have the following five key streams:

  • Blockchain capabilities in the financial world
  • E-Gov: principles of transparent government development through technology application
  • Legislative regulation of cryptocurrencies and Blockchain throughout the globe and in Kazakhstan
  • Trading
  • Economy tokenization and traps and pitfalls of the ICO

The Conference organizers are pleased to announce the event moderators, who will accompany all the reports and set the right pace for the discussions.

The first section Blockchain Technology for Kazakhstan: Spheres of Application and New Ways for Country Development as well as the discussion panel Features of Blockchain Market in Kazakhstan will be moderated by Mr. Mutanov Bekzhan, who is  the Coordinator in the Bureau of Continuing Professional Development and the Chief Manager of the Department of Financial Technologies at Astana International Financial Centre.

Legal Aspects of Blockchain Economy and Regulation & Legalization of Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies panels will be moderated by Kuna Bitcoin Agency founder & Blockchain Hub Kyiv founder Mr. Mikhail Chobanyan. Mikhail is an MBA graduate from Columbia University, London Business School and Hong Kong University, and a Bachelor of Economics (City University London). Mr. Chobanyan has over 7 years of experience in the telecommunications market. In 2014, he founded Kuna Bitcoin Agency, the first bitcoin agency in the CIS and Eastern Europe. He is one of the founders of Bitcoin Foundation Ukraine (BFU) and Blockchain Hub Kyiv. In September 2014, he opened the first Bitcoin embassy in the CIS. Mr. Mikhail Chobanyan is a leader of Bitcoin License Ukraine initiative group and an ideologist of Crypto Rus platform. In September 2016, he officially launched, the first public Ukrainian exchange of crypto assets.

Blockchain for Business, Blockchain for Fintech and E-gov and Features of Trading 2018 will be moderated by CEO & Co-founder Yulia Sporysh. Today, she is engaged in the development of derivative instruments (indices, futures) on the crypto market. She has a degree of the candidate of sociological sciences. Before blockchain and crypto currencies, she worked in the Fintech sphere.

Representatives of banking and financial sector, owners and founders of companies in the field of money transfers and exchange transactions, IT professionals, lawyers, blockchain start-ups, as well as representatives of government agencies at all levels will surely have an interest in this Conference.

The full Conference program is available on the website. Registration is now open! Please click on the link to register.


16 Mar 2018

Blockchain Conference Astana Announces the First Two Conference Speakers

June 14, 2018, the capital of Kazakhstan will host Blockchain Conference Astana, the major Blockchain conference of Central Asia. The international event will feature over 25 experts of worldwide reputation in the sphere of blockchain and crypto industry. The organizers have started a marathon of topics and speakers yet today. Please meet the first speakers:

  1. Farrukh Shukurov, Ambisafe

Ambisafe is a leading American company engaged in the issuance of infrastructure blockchain-based solutions. Ambisafe has been recognized as the most innovative company in its field. The most advanced companies around the globe use its products and services. At Ambisafe, Farrukh holds a position as Chief Business Development Officer. He develops and implements blockchain-based solutions around the world. The speaker has an extensive experience of working with projects in the field of crypto assets creation and management.

  1. Kir Kelevra, crypto trader

Kir Kelevra is one of the most influential representatives of the Ukrainian crypto community, an experienced crypto trader, and a cryptocurrency pricing expert. Kir regularly makes reports at major international events dedicated to the blockchain and cryptocurrencies, advises projects at the post ICO stage on stock exchange trading and listing.

Hurry up to buy a ticket to Blockchain Conference Astana 2018 at the early bird registration price of 80$! Starting from May 19, the ticket price will be 150$.

The event page on Facebook:

Telegram channel:


27 Feb 2018


In 2017, the total capitalization of crypto assets reached stratospheric level: Bitcoin at a price of $ 20,000, creation of new tokens and innovative projects based on Blockchain, DLT and ICO as a unique crowd funding phenomenon that permeated throughout the world.

It is no mere chance that the 21st century has been recognized as the cryptocurrency era. Many experts believe that the future of the global financial system is behind the crypto currencies and Blockchain. The essential task of today is to build and learn how to manage this system for the benefit of us and our future.

The previous year has demonstrated that the industry itself is developing rapidly and therefore the world market is not able to regulate it and respond quickly to its operation. Only a few countries have dared to establish the qualitative legal framework in order not to oppose but to cooperate with a new form of economy.

Kazakhstan has also been involved in the discussion of issues related to regulation of digital currencies and introduction of Blockchain. According to experts, the Republic of Kazakhstan has every chance of becoming one of the most advanced countries in the field of Blockchain. The country has everything to succeed: financial resources, the state initiative and the desire to create its own crypto oasis.

The capital of Kazakhstan will host for the second time the major Blockchain conference of Central Asia Blockchain Conference Astana on June 14, 2018. This international event will bring together leaders of the blockchain and crypto industries from all over the globe to shape the way in which the digital economy of Kazakhstan may be developed.

What may the guests of Blockchain Conference Astana 2018 expect?

  • Reports by leading speakers from around the world
  • Discussion panels covering the most relevant topics
  • Expo area
  • Coffee breaks and informal communication
  • Dinner with the conference speakers and guests

Who will participate?

Representatives of the banking and financial sectors, representatives of the energy, oil & gas, and save-energy spheres, founders of FinTech companies, as well as delegates of government institutions, will be among the participants of BConference Astana. The event organizing company AroundB, whose portfolio includes over 30 FinTech events around the globe, carefully approaches the selection of speakers and preparation of the program. Very soon the first speakers of this year’s conference will become known, so follow the event updates.

What will be discussed?

Today, all are concerned about the interaction of the cryptocurrency industry with banks, the use of Blockchain in various fields, and, of course, the introduction of Blockchain and cryptocurrency regulation at the state level. All this and much more, including how Kazakhstan will be one step ahead and occupy a niche on the world crypto stage, will be discussed at the second annual Blockchain Conference Astana to be held in Astana on June 14, 2018.

The conference topics are as follows:

  • Blockchain technology for the Republic of Kazakhstan: spheres of application and new ways of the country development
  • Cryptocurrency and tokens
  • ICO: What will happen to a multi-billion dollar structure in 2018?
  • Smart contracts: Will they change the established standards?
  • Crypto economy: How will it influence the world in the near future?
  • Regulation and legal framework for the crypto assets in Kazakhstan

Results of Blockchain Conference Astana 2017

In 2017, Kazakhstan demonstrated its interest in the technology and crypto currencies. Last year, the conference featured over 20 speakers, including representatives from Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Russia, Belgium, the United Kingdom and Switzerland. Over 250 participants attended the event to discuss the application of Blockchain in the financial world, in the energy sector, as well as the role of the technology for e-gov and e-voting. The first crypto event in the country was attended by a record number of people. The best real-cases were presented by such leading world companies as Microsoft, IBM, Deloitte, and KPMG.

Blockchain Conference Astana traditionally promises to be the most long-awaited FinTech event in Kazakhstan. Keep up to date with all the news from BConference Astana and follow the news on the event website.

The detailed program of the event will be available on the website of Blockchain Conference Astana in the nearest future. Please subscribe to our newsletter to keep abreast of the most relevant news in the industry. Let’s Blockchain this world together!

The event website:
The event page on Facebook:
Contact details of the organizers: +442 03 239 96 70,

04 Jul 2017

Registration for Blockchain Conference Abu Dhabi 2017 is opened!

We have some great news for Blockchain enthusiasts from around the world! Registration for the major Fintech event of the MENA region has been already opened. The Blockchain Conference will take place in Abu Dhabi on December 7, 2017. For two consecutive years now, we have been bringing together industry leaders from around the world in order you to be the first to learn how the world will change thanks to Blockchain in the very near future.

We are going to cover the most relevant Blockchain topics aimed at expanding dialogues between governments, international corporations, innovative companies, investors and breakthrough start-ups.

Topics to be discussed at the conference

– New world economy to be created by Blockchain

– Technology changing the financial system: payments, international transfers

– Smart contracts

– Private and public Blockchain

– Blockchain identification

– ICO and Tokenization

– Use of Blockchain in medicine, food industry, logistics, etc.

– Blockchain for Solar

– Forecasts and development prospects for Middle East Region

The mission of BConference Abu Dhabi is to bring together Blockchain experts from across the world at one time in one place to search for and develop Blockchain solutions that will continue to change the world! At BConference Abu Dhabi, you will certainly find your new customers, partners, developers and investors.

We will announce the program of the conference and its speakers in the nearest time.

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Find out more about BConferenceAbuDhabi 2016>>>

To register for Blockchain Conference Abu Dhabi, please visit

+442 03 239 96 70,

26 May 2017

Bitcoin and Blockchain Economy Features to be disclosed at Blockchain Conference Astana

Kazakhstan, as is well known, has set a course for accelerated technological modernization of the economy. On June 14, 2017, the capital of Kazakhstan will hold Blockchain Conference, where speakers from around the world will inform about the blockchain technology potential for the economic development as well as present real cases of using this technology in the economies of developed countries.

What is Blockchain Conference Astana?

  • The largest blockchain event in Kazakhstan
  • 20 speakers from all over the world, 10 hours of unique knowledge and networking
  • Presentation of trend blockchain projects in the FinTeh, e-Gov and energy sectors
  • Practice of using blockchain from Microsoft, IBM, Deloitte, KPMG and others
  • Participation in the conference of representatives of state bodies of Kazakhstan, responsible for the development and implementation of digital and information technologies.

One of the conference sections will be devoted to the features of bitcoin and blockchain economy.

The head of the Innovation Activity Department at the National Research University Higher School of Economics (Russia), CEO at Cyber.Fund Marina Gurieva will share trends and prospects for the blockchain economy development in the public and private sectors. Marina studied for an MBA Degree in Singapore. She is an expert in the field of business development.

The founder of Kuna Bitcoin Agency and co-founder of Bitcoin Foundation Ukraine Mikhail Chobanyan will reveal at the conference features and prospects of the bitcoin cryptocurrency as well as key aspects of the blockchain technology. Mikhail got his EMBA from Columbia University, London Business School and Hong Kong University. He also has a Bachelor of Economics degree from the City, University of London. Mikhail has over 7 years of experience in the telecommunications market. In 2014, he founded Kuna Bitcoin Agency, the first Bitcoin Agency in the CIS and Eastern Europe. Mikhail is one of the founders of the public organization Bitcoin Foundation Ukraine (BFU). In September 2014, he opened the first in the CIS Bitcoin embassy. He is a leader of the initiative group Bitcoin License Ukraine. Mikhail is an ideologist of the Crypto Rus platform. In September 2016, he officially launched the first public Ukrainian stock exchange of crypto assets

The Conference program will involve a full conference day, discussion panels, an exhibition area and a gala dinner with the conference speakers and guests.

If you buy a ticket before June 1, 2017, the cost of participation will be USD 100 instead of ̶U̶S̶D̶ 2̶5̶0̶.  You may buy tickets at the promotional price on the conference website >>

There is a partner program for all those who wish to join the world Blockchain Summit, become a sponsor of the event or take part in the exhibition. Regarding sponsorship and partnership issues, please contact us at

16 May 2017

Blockchain Conference Astana to Discuss How Blockchain May Change Food Industry

On June 14, 2017, a global-scale blockchain summit Blockchain Conference Astana in Kazakhstan will feature over 20 speakers delivering practical solutions to the issue of blockchain technology use in e-Gov, FinTech, energy sector, food industry and other spheres.

The CEO of a Swiss company FoodBlockchain.XYZ Angel Versetti will share a blockchain solution for the food industry. He will devote his speech to the influence of smart contracts and distributed databases on the food supply system, provision of new levels of food quality and safety, and development of new levels of transparency for end users.

Angel Vercetti is a CEO of FoodBlockchain.XYZ, the world’s first blockchain solution based on Ethereum for the global food industry. Previously, he worked in various departments of the United Nations Organization (the United Nations Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific (UN ESCAP), the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) and the United Nations Institute for Disarmament Research (UNIDIR)), as well as World Resources Forum, Bloomberg, and was on probation at Google. He also manages a television media project at Dukascopy Bank and often participates in conferences and meetings of the highest level (Vatican, Davos, UNESCO, etc.).

BConference Astana creates the largest platform for discussing the role of blockchain in the Kazakhstan’s economy modernization. Proceeding from this mission, the conference organizers make the event program to be as useful as possible for the state bodies, banking & financial sector as well as energy and food industries.

Participation in the conference is open to everyone interested. To attend the conference, please register on the site.

In order to keep abreast of all the news of BConference Astana, please sign up for our newsletters and stay tuned on the website